Designing the new way to real estate

We’re using research, content, and design to reinvent the century-old process of buying and selling homes.

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A seat at every table

Design is deeply embedded throughout the organization to ensure that the customer experience is always our first consideration.

Brand team

Shaping Opendoor's unique identity and infusing it into everything we create.

Buyer team

Reimagining the way people find and buy the perfect home.

Seller team

Creating a dramatically simpler experience for selling a home.

Content team

Designing the language we use to connect with our customers.

Ops Tools Team

Inventing a variety of tools to streamline real estate from the inside out

Research team

Fostering a deep understanding of our customers to build experiences they love.

Our approach

It starts with a strong foundation

Always stay

We rely on empathy and understanding to design what people want and need.

Back up instincts
with evidence

We trust gut feelings, but we also test our intuition with research and data to make sure we're on the right track.

full-stack design

We impact the full spectrum of design, from the strategic vision to perfect pixels.


Co-create with partners who have deep knowledge, insights, or just better ideas.

Think beyond
the screen

Bring design thinking to the experience, whether it’s onscreen or in physical space.

on positivity

Create a collaborative, productive culture by energizing each other with positivity.

Latest work and thinking

From home tours to homepages

Hiring the “Jobs to Be Done” Framework for Innovation at Opendoor

One February morning, product managers, designers, and engineers at Opendoor received an email from the CEO titled, “Recommended Reading.”...

Jill L. H. Reed – Staff Researcher

Opendoor Goes Public: Designing for Times Square

2020 was a year to remember. And despite all the hardships, there were some things worth celebrating. From new puppy parents to those who...

Lee Riley – Case study

How Opendoor Design shapes team culture and connection remotely

In today’s environment, many teams are working remote. And while staying connected with teammates can be tough, there are ways to make it...

Gabriel Contreras – Culture

Meet the people

We're an open book

Gabe Wasserman

Senior Product Design Manager

Brandi Luedeman

Head of Research + Insights

Annie Tang

Sr. Staff Product Designer

Nicolas Solerieu

Sr. Brand Designer

Gavin Johns

Design Manager

Evie Alexander

Head of Design

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One last note

Design should be like vanilla ice cream: simple and sweet, plain without being austere — Franc Chimero